Barn's burnt down
I can see the Moon.
~ Mizuta Masahide

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Official Start of Summer

One would think that my summer would have begun when I completed the last final of my 2L year. Or perhaps it would have begun when my daughter's school year ended in the first week of June. But between those two events and today, I hosted my mom for a week to celebrate my daughter's baptism, was invited to attend the SHARE 2014 conference in San Francisco, helped my family figure out Louisiana intestacy laws for my late uncle's estate, moved my daughter and I out of our apartment into storage and then drove 2400 miles in 4.5 days to housesit for some friends back in Washington for the next 6 weeks.

Just thinking about the last month makes me want to take another soak in the hot tub.

But then I think about my plans for the rest of the summer, and I get pretty psyched. First, I look forward to having some focused time to work on (and hopefully, finally, find my tech partner for the development). Second, I look forward to hiking. Real hiking, with significant elevation gain. Michigan has its charms, but I miss mountains.  And the most important part of my summer plans is the Law School Mom penance time with my daughter.

Going to law school as a single parent with a toddler-turned-preschooler has been a deeply humbling experience for me, and not exactly the early childhood experience I had hoped for her. And neither was our Griswold-worthy road trip from Michigan. But I am also humbled by the truly remarkable little person my daughter is becoming. With one more year of law school left, followed by the reinvention of my career, I am shamelessly determined to make the most of my time with Z this summer. While I will still work on MiHomestead every day, the bulk of that work will occur on the days she is with her father, and after bedtime on the days that she is with me.

And I will also blog, twice a week as a means of thinking "out loud" about legal issues, the sharing economy and other randomness (e.g. parenting, Pacific Northwest gushing, and rebooting my health and fitness after that crazy Michigan winter).

But for now...the hot tub beckons...

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