Barn's burnt down
I can see the Moon.
~ Mizuta Masahide

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Preparing to become an even more frugal foodie

I cannot believe that we will be moving in less than three months!

The time has flown by, aided in part by some "issues" I am having with my ex.  But I have faith that all will be resolved favorably soon, and my Little Miss and I will be able to embark on this exciting adventure soon!

One of the things I have recognized, as I purge belongings (a process that has become so cathartic, I am seriously at risk of just walking away from all belongings...except for Little Missy's favorite toys of course...I'm not crazy): I need to start more accurately living within the budget we will have once we move.  Which means: I need to do a better job planning for healthy eating and living on our soon-to-be restricted budget.

Today, a Facebook friend told me about the Health on a Budget online conference, kicking off this weekend.  It's sponsored by the folks at Raw Foods on a Budget.  Because, fundamentally, my commitment to urban agriculture and legal reform was inspired by my health saga five years ago, this is something I can certainly get on board with and support.

I may even sign up for the year-long access to the conference archives, as soon as I sell more of my belongings, that is.

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